Business cost and cost evaluation service.

Food Sector Cost and Evaluation ServiceWith our background in the food sector we are all too aware of the difficulty in attaining required margin’s in order to be successful in business or to compete in the market place in terms of price. All too often companies have successful products and brand’s but are unable to obtain listing’s due to high processing cost’s. Worse than this some companies will allow their selling prices to fall without adjusting their cost base hence losing margin with detrimental effects to the business.

We have expertise in the area of business turnarounds, restructuring, implementation of KPI’s and financial systems to monitor the progress of the business against targets and budgets for each business sector and the entire business. World Class Manufacturing or Business Excellence techniques are applied in all aspects of the Re-Engineering process for optimum results.

It is critical in today’s markets that companies are assured that all processing and associated costs are at a minimum with corresponding selling prices to be sure of a place in the market and to ensure that margin is maximised.

Irish Food CompaniesSeveral Irish food companies are very successful in their ability to generate business abroad particularly the U.K. however again the process needs to be compliant with regulations and product quality and appearance needs to be at a maximum in order to attract customers. Yields, giveaways, packing costs, the cost of processing and delivery will again be critical getting that first export order. To use the old cliché success breeds success once one product line begins to be successful for both the supplier and the customer it becomes less difficult to add other product lines.


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