The team?

A team of conservative professionalsThe team is an amalgamation of a group of conservative professionals with the common aim and proven track record of delivering quality projects at minimum cost. It predominately consists of an Architect, Safety officer, Refrigeration Engineer, Structural Engineer, Safety Officer and the Project Manager who is the principal of the group and the client’s main point of contact throughout the project.

Why us?

Food Sector ConstructionHaving being involved at the other side in the food sector and seeing projects being shelved on the basis of professional fees alone or being afraid that after commissioning professionals to attain planning permission refusal would involve the loss of large sums of hard earned money with absolutely no return.

Our clients will not pay us anything until a satisfactory and broadly positive pre-planning meeting which our client or their representative attends with us and therefore does not risk losing thousands of euro getting to that point. Because of the groups background in the food sector and manufacturing systems and process flows etc. our expertise will result in an end product tailored from the outset to fulfill the clients particular process needs as opposed to just a building.

Why Food Sector?

Food SectorThough all the team members have been involved in delivering projects other than in this sector we have a particular affinity for the food business with two of the principal partners having spent several years at senior management/director level in this sector both in the UK and Ireland and would have a thorough knowledge of the requirements from the various legislative bodies to the multiples including BRC and Efsis.

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